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“In deceptively simple language, and with a child’s-eye view, Melissa Ginsburg’s poems describe a world as complex and surprising as any. In sequence they build a music that is truly mesmerizing. In poem after poem we are in the presence of a voice both gentle and terrified, and an eye the same. And as the pages and birthdays pass—as all things do—we come to the grown truth, that the games we enacted as children we endlessly reenact as adults. A tremendous debut.”—Mary Ruefle

“Melissa Ginsburg’s poems are delicate but they are not fragile. They speak from a place they call ‘permanent winter,’ where resilience, exactness, vigilance and honest respect for silence are the necessary attributes of survival. This book is a subtly beautiful address to the air, and it approaches the transformative.”—Mark Levine

“Like syntactical pinwheels, Ginsburg’s word choice disorients then reorients the reader in a new, slightly off-kilter universe.” —Amy Pence, The Rumpus




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